Meet the Specialists of the OSR Community

Philip Gleason – Founder & Coach

Philip Gleason – Founder & Coach

My path to the Academy began 40 years ago, when my wife, three young daughters, and I arrived home very late one night after a week-long Christmas trip. The power and heat had gone out while we were away and the house, including the water pipes, was frozen solid. We had a baby, a toddler, and a 4-year-old all crying for a drink of water, and I was helpless.

From that day on I have sought not only to educate myself about self-reliance, but to live the things that I have learned. Through this endeavor I have developed a passion for helping others become self-reliant, not only in preparation for an emergency, but also in helping families free themselves from a stress filled, urban life style dependent on the national food supply system and area utilities.

I personally welcome you to the Academy of Self-Reliance and hope that we can bless your lives with knowledge and support in becoming self-reliant.


Lance Pope

Information Technology Group

Sarah Garlick – Design Consultant

Sarah Garlick – Design Consultant

“If you build it, they will come.” – Field of Dreams

The opportunity to help build and beautify a site that can help SO many people has been a dream of mine. I have a passion for order and minimalism, and jumped at the chance to work on this project that teaches how to exercise order, minimalism, and simplicity in individual and family lives. It has been a rewarding, eye-opening, and hope-filled experience creating with people that I respect and admire dearly.

The time and heart that I’ve seen being put into this project has been incredible. If you decide that this is the path for you, WELCOME! I can’t wait to see what incredible things you will accomplish!

Larry Jones – Technology Consultant

Larry Jones – Technology Consultant

For me, I have followed in my father’s footsteps–he was a jack of all trades and a master of many.

When I first heard of the project, I began to envision myself planning out the home and property, and then building it. I could also see myself helping others and helping to build up the community. I could envision it all.

I was excited in how well the project was planned out with all of the education and coaching resources to help ensure our success! In fact I was so eager to help out that they asked if I could help with the website. And, here I am, helping to build a web solution to provide the resources for the community members. Come and join us!


Jesse Fisher - Social Media & Event Coordinator

Jesse Fisher - Social Media & Event Coordinator

My fascination with the benefits of co-ops was piqued back in college during the 1980s where I learned about the amazing results achieved by the Mondragon Corporation in Northern Spain. Launched in the 1950s by a Catholic priest, that cooperative network now has well over 200 worker-owned co-ops, has its own retirement program, its own banks, and health care system.

Then, six years or so ago, while researching for my book, Champions for Zion, I was amazed to learn that a similar cooperative community was established here in Utah back in the 1860s. The man who was responsible for the planning of and settling of over 500 communities in the Western United States, Brigham Young, challenged Lorenzo Snow to build a self-sufficient community. Snow then gathered some Scandinavian immigrants and founded Brigham City. Over the course of 10 years, Snow directed the creation of some 40 cooperatives. According to the central co-op's board of directors, the town achieved 85% self-sufficiency, producing most of the residents' consumer goods locally.

The miracle of that achievement lay in the results of the 1873 Panic & world-wide depression. That year, because they were self-sufficient, Brigham City had its best year of growth ever! When I learned that, and while watching some of my neighbors lose their homes to foreclosure and unemployment, I wondered, "Why don't we build towns like that today?". Now I'm thrilled to be helping do just that!

Real Estate Group

Tom Swallow