An Offer has been Made for the Riverbed Ranch in Utah

An offer has been made on the Riverbed Ranch property about 55 miles west of Santaquin and about 40 miles north of Delta. The property is 1,245 acres. It’s about 3 miles long (North to South) and about 3/4 miles wide.

Here is a link to the property on Google Maps: 39.888199, -112.815083

Watch the latest update on the Riverbed Ranch from the Academy OSR’s webinar on May 23, 2019.  (Click here to view)

Watch the aerial view video of the Riverbed Ranch.  (Click here to view)

1 thought on “An Offer has been Made for the Riverbed Ranch in Utah”

  1. Philip Gleason

    Update: As of June 20,2019 The Riverbed Ranch is under contract to the Utah OSR Land Cooperative with a lease option for purchase. Four of the five wells now have pumps and three of them are being used. A pilot hemp crop for CBD oil has been planted, along with an acre of bee forage.

    An agreement with Earth’s Purest/GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative has been reached to provide 500+ acres of super bee forage for honey production next spring. 100 rescue hives called NUCs have been delivered with several hundred other to be delivered during the next couple of months.

    A membership drive is underway to pay off the option and begin building in the spring of 2020. We are very excited for all of the interest in the project and the progress that has been made.

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