Bees 101 Current Conditions

Bees 101 Current Conditions
We’ve lost 80 million hives globally over the past 40 years; we are not normal on Planet Earth until we rebreed and sustain 80 million new hives. The Earth’s Purest BeeHab model is sustainable up to 10 million acres and 40 million hives globally.
In 2018 global honey production was 3.2 billion lbs. The demand for honey is growing by 40 million lbs. annually due to population growth. Correspondingly, honey production is crashing with annual hive and habitat loss, and with that, global production is dropping 60 million lbs. annually. Over the next 10 years, this is anticipated to result in a 600 million lbs. annual reduction in honey production. This 600 million lbs., combined with the 40 million lbs. annual increase in demand over the same 10-year period, is projected to result in a 1 billion lbs. annual market shortfall to 2.2 billion lbs. annually. 
Based on these projections, there will be a 1 billion lbs. annual shortage of honey in 10 years that Earth’s Purest Company / Earth’s Purest Honey™ will fill.
1) The Wall Street Journal article of May 22, 2019, tracked the projected honey market with the Article Headline;
“You’ll Need A lot More Money to Buy that Jar of Honey”
2) USDA National Honey Report, July 29, 2019
3) National Honey Board National Wholesale Price Index
4) 2018 Bee Culture Magazine Honey Report (very comprehensive)
5) Guardian Article on Bees & “BeeHab”


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