Benefits, Features, Costs, Obligations and Bylaws


A share in the Utah OSR Land Cooperative gives you these benefits:

  1. A cooperative’s equivalent of a title to 2 acres at the Riverbed Ranch modern homesteading community
  2. Two acre-feet of water rights (that’s 651,702 gallons a year)
  3. One vote for electing members of the co-op board of directors.
  4. Opportunity to participate in group purchases of products and services needed to build your homestead
  5. Opportunity to sell your products and services through the co-op, and
  6. The opportunity to spearhead the creation of sub-cooperatives to provide jobs and goods and services to the co-op and/or outside customers.


The Utah OSR Land Co-op’s Riverbed Ranch homesteading community will feature:

  1. An RV and camping park. This way, shareholders who choose to do so can live in the RV park while building out their homestead
  2. A greenbelt area running up the middle of the community, including a hiking trail, honeybee-friendly trees and bushes, a road, and future plans of a creek
  3. High-speed fiber optic Internet provided by Elon Musk’s Starlink system.
  4. Co-op store for importing and exporting goods
  5. A future BMX bicycle course for kids to enjoy

Additional Community Features

Similar to an industrial park, the Utah OSR Land Co-operative has set aside 45 acres for the following privately owned and operated services:

  1. Academy of Self-Reliance higher-learning campus
  2. OSR K-12 campus
  3. Assisted Living / Retirement Home
  4. Whole Health / Life Coach clinic
  5. Child Rescue Home
  6. Young Mothers Home
  7. Equine / Canine Therapy Barn
  8. Ropes course


Each shareholder agrees to build the following:

  1. A passive solar home, of at least 600 square feet, that requires little or no energy to heat or cool. But, we recommend at least 800 square feet of living space.
  2. Barn for animals and/or storage (no minimum size)
  3. Greenhouse, minimum of 600 square feet, 1,200 recommended.
  4. Garden/orchard
  5. 6” well with 2-horse power pump with 400′ of lift.
  6. Approved sanitation system (ie. septic).

Each prospective shareholder is asked to submit a one-page “Transition Plan” with timelines and budgets for funding the above build-out before the shareholder agreement is approved.

The Utah OSR Land Cooperative is an agricultural co-op organized under Title 3 of the Utah Code. That means that your 2 acre slice of heaven has to be agriculturally productive every year. There are two ways to accomplish that:

  1. Owner/operator makes the land productive, or
  2. You own, but someone else operates.

You don’t have to live on your land, it just needs to be agriculturally productive.


Initial – A share in the Utah OSR Land Co-operative costs $35,000, more if you want a lot larger than 2.0 to 2.4 acres.

Anticipated – The costs vary widely depending on how large of a home, barn/shop, and greenhouse you plan on building.  The COVID insanity has driven the cost of building materials up significantly. Since none of our shareholders have completely finished building their homes, we don’t have hard figures yet on estimated costs for various sized homes.  Our best guestimate for the bare minimum amount of money you need to finish out your farmstead (small house, small barn/shop, small greenhouse, and a well) is $235,000.

A safe figure for planning your home is $120 to $150 per square foot for material and labor.  Currently, the wells are costing around  $30,000, which included the pressure tank and spigot setups.

For those with limited resources, if you can do your current job online, and have at least $100,000 in available funds, you could put in a well, water tank, solar, septic and a greenhouse. Then you could live utility-free in an RV inside the greenhouse during the Winter, and work your online job to earn the rest of the funds to build out your home.


You can read the Utah OSR Land Cooperative Bylaws here:  (click to download)

How to Join

Print and fill out the Utah OSR Land Cooperative Membership Agreement (click to download), and contact Jesse Fisher (Call: 801-494-1849) for an appointment with Philip Gleason.