Creating A New Environment With Trees

  • 1000 new trees planned to be planted in the green belt that will surround a stream (soon to be trenched and filled) to beautify and irrigate the entire length of our community. The green belt will give us park settings for our families and friends.
  • As all family members and friends, let us plant at least one tree for each one of us as our donation. We can donate money for trees or bring approved trees on a list that will thrive here. Our children will recall with joy the changes they helped create- starting the process of ‘the desert springing forth with blossoms in the last days’ as Isaiah prophesied.
  • Propagating tree starts and bee flowers/bushes also will help change our environment at Riverbed Ranch and add more greenery.
  • Choosing these from a list of bee-friendly trees and plants are very welcome- as well as shade trees to beautify our new community.
  • Trees temper the climate, tame the wind, add shade and beauty, build the soil, improve water quality and reduce erosion, clean the air, create habitat for plants and animals (bees too!), improve our health physically and mentally- ‘gladden our souls’.

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