Earth's Purest & GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative

The goal of Earths Purest™ and GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative (GeoCure™), over the next 10 years is to create 2.5 m acres of organic, pesticide free, Non-GMO, Honeybee & Pollinator habitat (GeoCure BeeHab™) in North America and 20 million acre globally. BeeHab acreage is intended to support 5 million natural & Non-GMO beehives in North America, as well as an additional 20 million hives globally; using a 100% natural, pesticide free, Non-GMO cover cropping process called SuperForage™. 

Together …we can make this happen. To support this effort, order/purchase your MiracleHives today!

“It’s only impossible …until someone does it”

                                              Nelson Mandela

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