First Super Saturday at the Ranch

Saturday, June 15, 2019, we held our first Super Saturday at the Riverbed Ranch in Utah.  A few families came up on Friday and spent the night.

On Saturday most took tours around the ranch and to feel of the spirit in that area.  Part of the tour was to watch Steve till the 7-acre plot to prepare for planting our first cash crop–industrial hemp (yes, we are registered with the state of Utah Department of Agriculture and Food)

We had a potluck lunch, which was great.

Also, we had a few projects on improving the place:

Several helped with spreading mulch in one of the gardens.

Philip, Tom and Larry are working on hoist frame to pull out a non-working well pump (along with it’s pipe and the water in the pipe–probably over a 1,000 pounds).

There were a couple of ATVs available and several people took the opportunity to explore the ranch and the nearby hills.

It was great to see those that came to look at the ranch and to help out with the projects.

Registered with Utah Department of Agriculture & Food for our industrial-hemp
Ready to till 7 acres
Spreading mulch in the garden
Some hemp starts ready to be planted
Tom grinding some plates
Philip welding

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