Health Research

The Goal of Operation Self-Reliance Health Research is to assess, track and evaluate the health of individuals as they transition from a city lifestyle to a country culture.

We hypothesize that the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals transitioning from a city lifestyle to a country culture will show scientifically documentable improvements, as demonstrated through blood chemistry, fitness testing and standardized mental/emotional assessments.

Upon joining the community each adult member will receive a health assessment to include:

  1. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  2. Observational Analysis
  3. Functional Movement Assessment
  4. Stress Assessment

Assessments will be repeated 2 years after move-in to the community and after 5 years in the community.

Data will be tracked and analyzed. Observations and results will be prepared for publication.

Health Research - Path to Optimal Health

Presented by Dr. Kyle Christensen
at the OSR Community Conference, February 16, 2019