The Academy of

There is a freedom that comes with knowing how and being self-reliant. Freedom from ignorance is a new beginning. With that new-found freedom, we can become more than we ever thought possible. We can now envision not only our potential, but our privilege.

The Academy's Story

Our story is the creation of a path for families to transition from a city lifestyle to a country culture of self-reliance, living in a community of like-minded people. The first are families are as follows:
  1. Help define what it is they want
  2. Help them assess what they have in terms of knowledge and resources
  3. Help them devise a plan to achieve what they want, starting with what they have
  4. Helping them executing their plan
As tools we use:
  • Weekly webinar lessons with Q&A at the end of each live lesson
  • Content review of each lesson including a searchable transcript
  • Additional relevant resources associated with each topic
  • Personalized journal to create a record of the journey down the path
  • Forum for questions and answers
  • Assessment tools
  • Calculators for building costs, production capabilities, and other needed activities
  • Newsletter for current events and project progress as well as the introduction of; specialists who contribute content, Ambassadors, and Facilitators.
  • Assigned facilitators to coordinate online focus group conversation and networking
  • Ambassadors who promote the Academy in person or with online introductions and in-home cottage meetings
  • Recognition activities to highlight achievement
  • Schedule of workshops available for hands on experience
Our end goal is to help families to remain debt free while building;
  1. Energy efficient home,
  2. Barn,
  3. Greenhouse
  4. Garden and orchard.
  5. Water supply,
  6. Alternative energy sources
  7. Sanitation system.
The Academy has partnered with OSR Green, LLC to assist families in a collective enterprise to purchase land for the development of a self-reliant and interdependent community in 5 locations. The first is to be in Arizona. The others to follow will be in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and one near Cardston, Canada. For more information regarding Operation Self-Reliance go to