Map of the Lots: Click to view map.
(updated August 23, 2023)

Record of Survey: Click to view map.
(updated September 28, 2020)

Aquifer Under the Ranch: Click to view map.

Here’s the USGS map of Utah’s aquifers (underground rivers).
The one circled in yellow is the one that flows between our two mountains. Note all the thousands of acres south of us that feed through our little valley.

Current Wells: Click to view map.

Once on Utah Division of Water Rights website:

  • Click on the "Search" tab
  • For the "Search for" drop-down menu, select "Lat, Lon Location"
  • For the Lat, enter: 39.888199
  • For the Lon, enter: -112.815083
  • Click on the Search button
  • Once the map is displayed, you may want to zoom out a little to see the wells

Currently there are 6 wells for the ranch (one is to the East up the mountain a little).  For each well, you can click on the well icon and then see information about that well (i.e. size, well log, etc.).