Planting 2,020 Trees – It starts with you


Trees are good for many things; air purification, wildlife refuge, and beauty to name a few. But trees are also capable of transforming and healing land that has been desertified or is at risk of desertification, and that is what this tree planting project is all about. It is our goal to transform our arid rural Utah land into beautiful, productive land and create a model for others in the Rocky Mountain region to emulate. By changing the land, we will make spaces that function as educational demonstration projects for teaching people about regenerative agriculture and permaculture principles.

The Project

For the year 2020 we are chasing after the ambitious goal of planting 10,000 trees on our property located in rural northwestern Utah for the purpose of healing the land and turning it into a place of productivity and beauty to support our future agricultural co-op goals. This first event is a kickoff volunteer project of planting 2,020 trees on two separate 4-acre plots. We are striving to transform the land in a way that establishes beauty and invites native wildlife, including honeybees, for the purpose of creating successful demonstration projects that others can replicate. By starting small with two 4-acre plots, we give ourselves the best chance of success while leaving room for learning how we can improve for the next tree planting project we hope to host later this summer.

Why We Need Your Help

We are currently working with the University of Utah agricultural extension, 4-H, professional horticulturalists, local nurseries, and big box stores to secure the resources we need, but we are still in need of money to purchase the native trees and shrubs we know will be most beneficial to the land. Your donation goes to purchasing the native trees and shrubs we need for this event. In the event that we receive funds in excess of our needs to purchase trees, those funds will be used for the volunteer event incidentals such as carpooling, shade tents, and portable restrooms. Should donations exceed even those expenses, the extra money will help us with the tree planting events and agricultural efforts we plan to make later this year.

Who We Are

We are the Academy Of Self Reliance, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that seeks to equip individuals with knowledge and skills of how to lead a self-reliant lifestyle. As part of our mission, we host online seminars and in person events that educate individuals on aspects of

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