You have addressed concerns about there being ample water for each share holder, but I have several concerns about the decision to have each property drill its own well.

  1. The need to have a Water Witch locate a potential well location on each property supposes that you can’t expect every hole you drill will provide adequate water.  Is there a possibility that water will not be found on an individual property?
  2. Wells are required to be placed at least 150 ft from a septic leach field.  All houses are required to have a septic system.  Lot sizes are generally 200 x 400 feet.  What prevents septic system placement by neighbors from interfering with potential well locations?
  3. You characterize the Riverbend development as “green”.  I assume that every well drilled into an aquafer increases the potential risk to the aquafer.  So why isn’t minimizing the number of wells drilled a priority?
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