Hey y’all my name is Tate Mulliner. I love what’s going on over here! I’ve personally been interested in this homesteading project for a while now. I currently live in Ogden and I would love to own and operate my own homestead one day. But today I come to you for different reasons. I have recently started working with microwave pyrolysis innovator Julian Brown. He has found out how to turn plastic waste into useable fuels. He’s currently built 4 different models and is looking for funding to build his 5th model.

Microwave Pyrolysis is the process of heating up material, with microwaves, without oxygen present. This results in 3 different byproducts. We get a flammable gas, pyrolysis oil, and the leftover carbon ash. The pyrolysis oil can be distilled down into useful fractions such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. The flammable gas can be compressed and used to fuel the distillation process. It is a completely carbon neutral process. Everything is collected and used. Not only are we creating energy, but we are also sustainably managing waste.

Would the Co-op be interested in investing in a carbon neutral recycling facility from the ground up? We are currently running a GoFundMe to buy a diesel car to test our Plastidiesel in. The results from this test are going to be very exciting! We have previously successfully tested our Plastoline in a weed wacker. This was all done in a crude environment with retail parts which unfortunately led to a fire when left unattended, destroying our Mark IV reactor. But with this has come with it’s positives. One being time for us to regroup and refocus on what we wanna do with our fifth model. We have a patent pending on our Mark V design. We have recently built a website. We have amassed a following of over 350,000 people on our social media pages. What we need now, is a space to operate & funding. So I ask again, is the co-op interested in working with NatureJab in some way?

I genuinely think our projects are going to collide one day, one way or another. https://naturejab.com



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