3 thoughts on “Utah OSR Land Co-op Update – September 2020”

  1. I am curious if you have developed cost estimates for the entire membership package: Land, Basic home, septic system, barn, greenhouse, well and orchard? I believe the parcel of land is 20K, and Philip just said in the update that the Metal barn would be about 17-19K. I know the prices (lumber) are fluctuating but a best guess without commitment would help. Thanks.

  2. Yes Michael I agree it would be helpful to have a number we could go off of even though it varies from family to family .

  3. The challenge with offering anything more than a guesstimate is that every family is going to have different goals for their homestead, which will result in a variety of different sized homes, barns, gardens or orchard, and greenhouses. The costs on these will vary widely depending on what the family wants.
    That said, our current very rough, ballpark estimate is that it will take a minimum of $170,000* for everything. That’s up $20,000 from our previous guesstimate due to the rise in lumber costs and other COVlD-related supply chain disruptions. We anticipate this will only increase as time goes on.
    The good news is that the Utah OSR Land Co-op will continue to save our shareholders money through group purchases and sourcing low-cost alternatives.

    * – figure updated July 2021.

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