Weekly Update – 03/20/2021

Weekly update for March 20, 2021:

This week we just completed drilling our 5th well. All that’s left is the perforating of the casing and putting in of the pump.  This will be done on Monday and we will be moving on to the 6th well!

Spring is in the air!  seedling have been started in the welcome center, getting ready to transplant in the garden!  The greenhouse on the side of the block house is underway and we hope to have it finished this coming week, weather permitting.

Our 57th shareholder has just signed up today! Yay!!

Today we had 8 people come out for a tour. And yes, it was rainy, snowy and muddy.

In case you haven’t heard, we own the Utah Land Co-op free and clear, thanks to 8 of our shareholders!  This is great news!

If you want to stay involved, join our shareholder’s zoom meeting every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.  Larry Jones sends out an email with the zoom link on it before each meeting.

We had our monthly pot luck get together Friday.  It was a good turnout with new shareholders joining in!  Our pot lucks are every 3rd Friday of each month, starting at 6 pm.  The next one is scheduled for April 16th.

We’ve been working on getting the fence around the property all enclosed so that we don’t have the cows coming in.  We are almost done.  We have an area around lots 122 and 123 that still need to be finished.  Hoping that will get done this coming week, weather permitting.

Philip has been cutting in the roads this week.  Our goal is to get the planned roads all cut in so we can avoid driving across shareholder’s lots.  We think they would appreciate that! Then, as budget allows, we will have the gravel.



11 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 03/20/2021”

  1. I have driven by a few times: both on the Riverbed road and on Indian Springs Road (above you to the East), while I am out exploring the West Desert. I like what you have done with the Riverbed ranch area.

    Thank you for planting the trees and the beehives to help the area.

    Also curious for another reason: but is the Riverbed ranch in Tooele or Juab County?

    1. We hope to plant well over 100,000 trees and change the climate in our little valley!
      The Riverbed Ranch is all in Juab County. Our northern border is the Toole county line.

  2. I noticed you had a star party one evening. Seems like it would be an excellent environment for that. I hope in your construction throughout the properties that you specify all lighting be shaded so as not to polute that dark sky environment. 250 homes can produce quite a lot of light which could ruin any viewing. Daughter and I are very interested. Should be an excellent location for radio amateurs (like me!) with a very low RF noise environment.


    1. A good number of our shareholders share your value of enjoying an unpolluted night sky!
      Our “How to be a good neighbor at Riverbed Ranch” guidelines will include a recommendation to keep lights off at night.

      1. You’d better be careful on how many rules and HOA type regulations you try to start putting in. Although there are practical good neighbor policies, it would seem a lot of people who are interested in OSR are trying to get away from tyrannical type rules and regulations. If you want to have a star party on a certain night, then you can announce on this certain date, it is a lights-out star party. But regulating that you have your lights out at a certain curfew time, that is really pushing it. If someone wants to drive over a few miles out, it should be easy enough to get away from lights. Are you really having a community problem where the participants are not putting out their lights at night or polluting the night sky? That seems unlikely. I do not agree that your guidelines should include a recommendation to keep lights off at night, and force everyone’s hand.

        1. You sound like you’d fit right in, Lisa! Many of us are very concerned about HOA-style rules and reg’s developing. Which is why the idea of a set of voluntary suggestions/guidelines was put forth as an alternative.
          We’ve already voted down two HOA-style proposals — one was the lights-off-at-night proposal, the other was speed limits on our private roads.

  3. This is awesome! Will there be another update soon? How many shareholders are there now that it’s been a few months and there has been a bit more media coverage on the project?

    1. We currently have 110 shareholders.
      Not sure the media coverage made all that much difference!
      What really gave us boost in interest was when Putin mobilized his army.

  4. Virginia Manansala

    Is there a way to get to the area? Is there some kind of weekend tour group to physically visit the place? We are from out of state and currently visiting our family in West Valley. We looked at your website and did a virtual tour. It looks promising. But we have no clue how to get there. Thank you.
    Virginia Manansala

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