We’re Still Doing It!

Weekly update for October 3, 2022:

OK, so we got a LITTLE behind on the updates.   😉

The Utah OSR Land Co-op now has 130 shareholders, that’s well over twice what we had in our last "Weekly" update.  Thirty-six families are currently living full-time at Riverbed Ranch. The rest of the shareholders are in some phase of designing and building out their off-grid farms.

Our 2022 Spring Festival was a big success!  And our 2nd annual Harvest Festival is planned for this month.

We have many learning opportunities for volunteers to assist our members who are building homes and barns using a wide variety of off-grid methods, including compressed earth block, straw bale, and more. Be sure to join our OSR Academy Chat Facebook group to see those requests.  (Ask Jesse to add you in).

Our dedicated well-driller, Doug Higley of Higley Oasis Waterworks, has dug (at least) 45 wells — 100% of them hit water. Nearly all hit all 3 layers of water we have in our aquifer.  A new well-driller, a Mr. Childers, has contracted with a hand full of shareholders to drill their wells. We’re anxious to see how that works out, as having two well-drillers will definitely be a huge benefit.

For video updates, check out Utah Homesteading YouTube channel!

2 thoughts on “We’re Still Doing It!”

  1. Coralee Carroll

    Has Mr. Childers drilled any wells, yet? And if so, how do his fees compare to Doug Higley’s fees?
    We want to have our well drilled as soon as possible.

    Coralee Carroll, Lot 30

  2. Coralee, Mr. Childers didn’t work out. I’m told he landed some municipal contracts which allowed him to launch his well-drilling business without helping us out.

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