02-Traditional Septic System Checklist

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Traditional Septic System Checklist

Contact OSR Septic Coordinator to make sure OSR is aware of how you plan to proceed

Design your septic system and create a plot plan. Determine tank size with Russ Shank.

Submit plot plan to Russ Shank.  If you change your mind, you will need to resubmit your plan.

Russ will conduct a soil analysis to ensure there is adequate drainage (results submitted with permit request). This may already be done in advance of your reaching out to Russ.

Pay Russ $250 to assist you with the septic permitting process plus a separate fee to dig and back fill a 10-11’ hole for soil sample analysis. Russ submits your septic permit request to Cody Griffith, UT Central Public Health, Nephi UT for approval.

If you are upsizing your tank, you can order in advance of permit approval.

Receive your approved permit & Pay UT Central Public Health permit fee

Text Trish 801.824.7220 for current order number. Call Dura-Crete in Salt Lake City, at 801.972.8686 to order & pay for your concrete septic tank. We can ship 3 tanks at one time. Please let Trish know when your tank is paid for.

For Dutson Supply Septic Tank ONLY: Obtain other septic materials:

1”x2”x8’ stick of wood (reposition tar strip on base if it falls off), 16’ ladder (in /out of hole to seal tank with tar), 2 tie down straps that have a double hook (guide tank to the right position), dunnage lumber two 4×4 (crane operator sets the lid on wood and not in the sand /dirt or the tank may not seal correctly when you install the lid), a sling that goes around each piece of tank to set into the hole either from your septic tank supplier or possibly rent from OSR, tar strips to seal lid & base, canisters of tar to finish sealing the base /lid, gravel less than 2” for back fill, pipe /fittings and horse manure (seals concrete), soapy water, & pipe glue.

Excavate.  The hole needs to be deep enough that the top of the tank is at least one foot below the ground surface. Some OSR shareholders have capabilities to help you excavate & install septic systems. See OSR website for classified ads under shareholder resources.

Tank delivery (be there on site so that things go correctly)

If you are not having your tank delivered and placed in the hole, make a crane reservation by filling out a form in the OSR Welcome Center, or download from website & send to Larry Jones or Trish Owen.

Tank installed by OSR Crane Operator, David Ashby. Be sure you have a sling!

Tank delivery and placement by OSR Crane Operator in excavated hole should be at the same day & time to avoid duplicate crane costsYou and at least 2 other people should be on site to be sure things are the way you want them.

Pay OSR for $75 coordination fee if you bought your tank & delivered on the group buy

If applicable – Pay OSR for Crane costs, record starting and ending hours, & refuel the crane with diesel

Complete septic installation & connect to leach field. Do not bury top of septic tank until after final inspection. etc.

Put horse manure in the tank and fill with water (helps seal concrete)

Have final UT Central Public Health inspection

Cover the septic tank and seed the area

Yellow = costs involved

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