05-Septic Maintenance

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Septic Maintenance

IMPORTANT SEPTIC MAINTENANCEMinimize sand, gravel, and dirt directly into your septic system like muddy clothes. Mud & dirt means that your tanks will need to be pumped sooner than later. Spray muddy clothes off before placing in your washing machine.

Use ONLY eco, septic friendly shampoos, conditioners, dishwasher and washing machine detergents, etcSeptic systems work best when things break down by bacteria and then excrete liquid and gasses. Bacteria can decompose up to 50% of your waste. Use septic safe toilet paper (TP). AND NEVER FLUSHABLE WIPES as they can clog the entire system!!!!

Certain chemicals & ingredients will prevent bacteria from doing their job!

Liquid bleach, disinfectant cleaners, drain cleaners, non-degradable detergents, solvents (such as paint thinners), insecticides and some prescription drugs such as antibiotics or strong medications. While anaerobic bacteria are resilient and able to handle the occasional chemical, large quantities can kill the colonies over time.

Be sure that you educate any guests or other residents on

The importance of what NOT to flush down the toilet.

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