08-Alternative Septic Systems

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Unconventional or untraditional alternative septic systems (mound septic, aerobic, at grade and shallow at grade, bio digester, composting toilets, etc.)

1.     You must hire a Level III Certified Septic Professional and have a contract in place for initial installation, maintenance, and inspections.

2.     Alternative system permitting process takes longer.

3.     You must have annual or semiannual inspections and your contractor must submit inspection reports to Central Utah Public Health.

4.     Requires you to have an approved back-up plan if your experimental system fails.

5.     You can use other states or properties alternative systems as a template.

6.     Alternative systems permit cost is about $725 and systems can cost $15-30K.

7.     Eric Larsen, Director must approve alternative septic system permits. He is not opposed to alternative or experimental systems if it is done correctly.

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