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Septic System Tank Purchase

Recommended Group Buy

OSR can help you get the process moving to acquire a septic tank on a group delivery.

Coordination will include acquiring a suitably sized septic tank, and a tank delivered and installed on your property. There is a $75 OSR fee to cover coordination costs.

You can purchase your septic tanks from any vendor; however, OSR is recommending that you consider Dura-Crete in Salt Lake City Utah.

Dura-crete has the capacity to bring 3 septic tanks that are one unit, and install in your pre-excavated hole. This eliminates the need to rent the OSR Crane to install the septic tank.

Dura-crete delivers the tank already sealed.

We are asking shareholders to pre-pay for the tank and delivery costs thru Dura-crete.

The day your tank is delivered, you need to be here at the welcome center; mid-day to meet the driver, go to your lot, and ensure the tank is placed in the correct position; inlet versus outlet.

Please see the web link for septic system comparison costs.

Another Option – Dutson Supply, Delta Utah

The co-op has negotiated a discount on concrete septic tanks from Larry Dutson in Delta. We must have 4 OSR Shareholders purchase tanks at the same time to get the best price and save on transportation costs. Once your septic system permit has been designed and approved and your tank size determined, you can order your tank.

Larry Dutson uses a flatbed semi-truck to deliver your septic tank and will need access to your lot. The hole should be excavated in advance of the tank arrival to save renting the OSR crane a second time.

The lid and base tank will need to be lifted off the flatbed using the OSR Crane (requires a reservation; about $150 hour), and placed in the excavated hole. You should be on site during delivery.

The installation requires that you help guide the base into the hole, install tar strips, put a sack of horse manure in the base, and help steady the lid onto the base so that it seals correctly.

The coordination service includes the acquisition of a septic tank. The $75 coordination fee will be added to your total. Delivery of the tanks to OSR will be arranged by the coordinator.

David Ashby is the OSR Crane Operator, and we are looking to install an online calendar system for you to reserve the crane.

Tank Size

Individual CASH price delivered

GROUP cash price delivered

Pay By Check Add:

Pay By Credit Card Add:

1250 Gal.

about 10,000 lbs.





1500 /1573 Gal about 11,000 lbs.





1750 Gal about 13,500 lbs.





OSR Crane  hourly rate (using a sling that you obtain, lifts tank onto ground)




*ADD $150 hourly crane fee to the tank cost and refill the diesel gas tank. For now, the coordinator will organize the crane/operator out at the Ranch; however, we are looking for you to use an online calendar appointment system and that you work directly with the crane operator.

How to make payment for the crane ($150 /hour) and the OSR Coordinator services ($75) will be forthcoming.

Per Larry Dutson: if you are able to pick up the tank yourself, the cost is reduced.

You are welcome to solicit Russ’s services on your own if you just need help with system design and don’t need a tank, but the group tank buy requires payment of the coordination fee.

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