Brenda from American Fork, Utah

Why Riverbed Ranch?

  • The people…unified, committed, all of one heart to serve God and each other.
  • The opportunity…a place where family and friends can come for safety, love, and sustenance in serious times where there is a lack of emotional support and physical resources.
  • The revelatory call-out… always the first call-out is through personal revelation as it was for Lehi, Moses, brother of Jared, Mulek, and many others of God’s children. They were guided by the Holy Ghost and Christ to places of safety prior to destruction. We may also receive a spiritual and life-preserving call-outs. This is a place to seriously consider where we can be prepared and ready to serve many others that if inspiration comes to you.
  • Knowledge and wisdom… gratefully, the people that have put Riverbed Ranch concepts together (including workable options for net zero housing, home industry, and sustainable living) have done the homework and sought out the best resources to make this a viable project for all of us. I am a single woman and hunted everywhere for answers to achieve a lifestyle that offers self-sufficiency when needed. That is exactly what they have to offer.
  • Unlimited learning…many webinars and lessons to start us off on a path of skills and understanding what needs to be done and how to accomplish it.

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