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    There are several ranches for sale in the Council area of Idaho that also have irrigation water. N. Central Idaho would also be ideal and there are large sections of land for sale there as well.

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      As of today, there really isn’t much to find out about it.
      Until OSR Green staff can get the Utah OSR Land Co-op fully functional,
      we don’t have the bandwidth to even think about Idaho’s.
      – We will need at least 1,000 acres of farmable land.
      – We’ll need at least 6 people to step forward and pony up somewhere in the neighborhood of $35,000 for shares.
      – The first thing we’ll do with that money is get the Idaho OSR Land Co-op properly incorporated by our land co-op attorney.
      – Then, we’d use the rest as a down payment on land.

      You are welcome to check out our Facebook group for Idaho:

      Note: There is a lady in that Facebook group who likes our model but wants it to be 100% Mormons. So she is doing a much smaller version on her own, but chimes in occasionally to recruit.

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