Utah OSR Land Co-op

An offer has been made and accepted on the Riverbed Ranch property about 55 miles west of Santaquin and about 40 miles north of Delta. The property is 1,245 acres. It’s about 3 miles long (North to South) and about 3/4 miles wide.

Here is a link to the property on Google Maps: 39.888199, -112.815083

Watch the latest update from the Academy OSR’s webinar on August 1, 2019. (Click here to view)

Benefits and Costs

Visit our benefits and costs page that reviews the benefits, features, costs and obligations of participating with the Utah OSR Land Cooperative.

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    I am in Quartzsite AZ for the winter (in an RV) but would like to come up and meet ya’ll and see the Ranch. is that do able?

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